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Demo of concrete calculator for online estimation

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Concrete is a material that contains a wide array of coarse aggregates (particulate materials like sand, gravel, crushed stone, and slag) combined together with cement.

Cement is a component to fix materials like aggregate. Among different types of cement, Portland cement is mostly recognized in construction work. It is a substance in concrete, mortar, and plasters.

Concrete is brought in several forms, along with 60 or 80-pound bags, or supplied in large amounts through specialized concrete mixer trucks. The mixing process should be accurate so that the concrete becomes strong and uniform. It includes the steps like mixing water, aggregate, cement, and any required additives.

Production of concrete is time-oriented, and the concrete should be arranged prior to solidification because it is generally formed as a viscous fluid. Some concretes are even designed to get solidified rapidly for applications that need quick set time. On the other hand, in some factory settings, concrete is mixed into dryer forms to produce precast concrete products like concrete walls.

The method for hardening of concrete as soon as it is placed known as curing, and it is a sluggish process. To attain over 90% of its final strength, concrete generally requires around four weeks and the strengthening can persist for up to three years.

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Make sure that the concrete is damp so that the strength of the concrete is increased during the initial phase of curing. It is acquired through various methods like spraying concrete slabs with compounds that form a film over the concrete to keep water, as well as ponding, where concrete is drowned in water and wrapped in plastic.

The Concrete Calculator works out the volume and weight of concrete required to cover a specified area. It also calculates the required number of bags of concrete on the basis of standard 60 and 80– pound bags of concrete.

The concrete calculator can create estimation of the following items :-

a. Slabs, Square Footings, or Walls
b. Hole, Column, or Round Footings
c. Circular Slab or Tube
d. Curb and Gutter Barrier
e. Stairs

For making online calculation, click on the following link

Demo of concrete calculator for online estimation