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How concrete calculator is used for your construction projects

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These concrete volume calculators are useful to determine the approximate number of cubic yards required for any project. The calculators can be utilized to estimate the following items :-

Square or rectangle concrete slab, Concrete Footing, Concrete Wall, Concrete Column, Curb and gutter Barrier, Stairs Calculator

Square or rectangle concrete slab: A concrete slab is generally applied as a base element in current buildings. Frequently those slabs contain steel reinforcement. Normally, the density of concrete slabs varies from 4 and 20 inches and the slabs are utilized for various types of floor and ceiling construction. Thinner slabs are suitable for exterior paving. Prior to concrete pouring, it is necessary to work out the required quantity of concrete.

In order to calculate the concrete amount, use the following calculator :-

Concrete Footing: A concrete footing is employed as a foundation for outdoor structures like houses, decks or porches. Width of the footings are based on the type of the soil.

A normal width having 16 to 20 inches is utilized to provide support to a mid range house built up on the typical soil. Please consult your design requirements to obtain the perfect measurements.

Concrete Wall: The variation among a concrete footing and a concrete wall occurs in measurements. Concrete wall normally contains height and length to be calculated in feet whereas wall thickness is calculated in inches. To compute the amount of concrete required for the wall you are working on, apply the following calculator.

Concrete Column: Concrete column are utilized as a base for poles and other structures. While going to build up a concrete column, there should be clear ideas on the diameter of the column and the height of it.

Curb and gutter Barrier: It is used to work out a barrier curb and gutter volume, the measurements of length (feet), flag thickness (inches), gutter width (inches) and curb height (inches) should be determined first.

Stairs Calculator: In order to measure a volume of steps, the measurements for number of stairs, tread (inches), riser (inches), width (feet) are required.

To make calculation for the above items online, click on the following link.

How concrete calculator is used for your construction projects