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How to Calculate Circular Column Concrete Quantity

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This exclusive civil engineering article briefly explains how to perform concrete quantity calculation in circular columns.

Circular columns should be implemented for the areas where earthquake may occur. To resist earthquake high strength and ductility should be retained in all directions.

The circular columns are provided when erecting the walls on either side of the column is not required. It should be elegantly attractive. Circular columns are also suitable when constructed at more traffic areas like bridges because of their less cross-sectional area.

A circular column is reinforced with longitudinal reinforcement and spiral reinforcement.The longitudinal steel and the concrete inside the core are used to stop external failure with the spiral. The exterior shell concrete spells off when the load Pu is attained.

Why is the circular column superior than rectangular column?

The resistance to bending or deflection of a circular cross section is greater as compared to a rectangular cross section with the similar area.

Besides, the load necessary to buckle a column with a circular cross section remains identical around its perimeter. But a beam having a rectangular cross section may bend first in either of two axes.

Benefits of circular columns:

1. Circular Column system can be easily constructed and adjusted. The two halves of the column formwork retain superior manufacturing quality to ensure that the matching pairs are not required, which streamline the daily use.

2. It resists the freshly poured concrete from seep out in relation to the special design of the panel joints which lead to ideal concrete surfaces.

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3. The release agent coating reduces the concrete adhesion as well as the cleaning costs.

4. Connecting panels with the ACROW Bolts make sure that the connection is flush tight.

Concrete Quantity Calculation In Circular Columns

The following concrete calculation formula is used to work out the concrete volume for circular columns :-

Volume = πr2 h= 3.141256 X (0.15)2 X 5 = 0.35 m3

In order to learn how to calculate quantity of cement, sand and aggregate in circular concrete column (, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Online Engineers

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