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ConFlexPave – A new bendable concrete material that can make a sea change in construction industry

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Huge expenses are incurred each year for consequential cracks in concrete. To resolve this issue, Nanyang Technological University(NTU) in collaboration with the JTC, is developing an exclusive concrete materials known as ConFlexPave.

It is considerably more bendable, stronger and durable. This construction material is best suited for road and pavement usages.

This type of precast pavement slabs can be rapidly and efficiently set up and significantly reduce the installation time as compared to conventional materials. Besides, the structure that is built with this material requires less maintenance.

With this new type of concrete material, the thickness and weight of precast pavement slabs are reduced considerably. The new concrete slabs can be made off-site as well as replace worn out ones.

The material is specifically engineered to blend specific types of hard materials with polymer microfibres. The addition of these synthetic fibres facilitates the concrete to flex and bend under tension as well as improve skid resistance.

It is verified that the concrete is hard as metal and twice as strong as traditional concrete under bending. The hard materials come with a non-slip surface texture whereas the microfibres which are considered as slimmer as compared to the width of a human hair, disperse the load over the entire slab.

The introduction of this material will facilitate the construction industry to curtail labor intensive on-site work as well as raise the workers’ safety and minimize construction time. Besides, it brings huge benefits to the road users by decreasing the inconvenience resulting from road resurfacing and construction works.

Go through the following construction video to have online demonstration of ConFlexPave.

Video Source SciNews

ConFlexPave – A new bendable concrete material that can make a sea change in construction industry