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Some useful guidelines to construct curved circular stairway

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Curved Stairs are stairs which curve in plan. The treads in such stairs are wedge-shaped, tapering at one end.

A well-designed curved staircase provides more benefits beyond its functional purpose. Elegant and complex, curved stairs are treated as the apex of stair craftsmanship.

There are dissimilarities between Helical staircases & spiral staircases as the helical staircases do not contain a newel, and handrails exist on both sides. They are also not confined to a circular staircase, and are erected in an elliptical or oval shape.

Besides, a newel for support, superior materials and/or construction is necessary for helical stairs with regards to to spiral stairs. “Winder” or “curved” stairs belong to stairways that make a turn devoid of containing an intermediate landing or platform to arrange a flat rectangular turning space.

Benefits of curved staircases

Sophistication: A curved staircase will include a level of luxury to the entrance way of any home.

Resale value: It also enhances a home’s resale value and so is a great investment.

Conform to space: Curved stairs are easily twisted and turned and curved to accommodate with any configuration of a room.

Occupy less space: They don’t occupy the similar amount of room as compared to a regular staircase.

Go through the following video tutorial to learn the process for constructing and framing a curved circular stairway.

Video Source: gregvancom

Some useful guidelines to construct curved circular stairway