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Steps for constructing a curved retaining wall

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The objective of the concrete wall is to sustain the leftover soil in an elevated and sloping area.

Generally, the solid concrete is used to build up a concrete wall. The concrete blocks are also utilized as an alternative of masonry work to reduce the construction cost as well as if it is required to bend the concrete wall.

Given below, the details step-by-step process to construct a retaining wall with curve.

Step 1 – Set up the area

The concrete retaining wall should be set up in a trench. The area should be labeled with the stakes, then tie a string should be fastened among them. Work out the length of the ingrained area and indicate the preferred height of the concrete retaining wall.

Depending on these numbers, the amount of blocks should be brought to fulfill your requirements.

1. Measure the width of the blocks
2. Finish the demarcation work in your area by staking the width
3. Accomplish the length for a 3D demonstration

Tamp the site and verify the depth. If required, do the modifications. Provide a single layer of gravel, then fill it until it gets leveled.

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Second step – Set blocks

Once the trench is cleansed and excavated, the blocks should be placed consequently. Arrange the first block in the trench, ensure it is fixed against the sides. An exact level should also be retained. If leveling is not done, hit it softly with the mallet until it gets leveled.

Third step – Produce Cuts

Once the concrete retaining wall is erected on a curve, it becomes essential to rectify the concrete blocks to accommodate the curve. The chain will act as a guide to check the location of the curves and how far your block situates. By applying a marker, adhere to the curvature of the string on the block. Remove the block from the trench.

Fourth step - Strengthen the fundamentals

Stuff the area where the wall is located, until the soil is tightly packed round the base. Put gravel into the centers of the block hence it's halfway up.

Arrange the second level of blocks, ensure that they remain at equal level which they match those underneath. Cut them as the situation arises and stuff them with gravel. Reiterate the process until the specified height is attained, then shut the blocks.

Steps for constructing a curved retaining wall