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Method Statement For The Construction Of Bored Pile

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The method statement stands for the erection of mechanically excavated bored piles. It comprises of the entire construction method along with material and equipment necessary for the development of bored cast-in-situ piles.

General: The piles being built up should contain a nominal specified diameter, bored through over lapping soils to set up in the bedrock strata or remain in the soil to function as shaft friction and end bearing piles.

The engineer designs these piles to combat axial compressive loads.

Bored Piles Construction

The pile boring operations should be accomplished with the proper rotary drill rigs based on the diameter, depth, and soil condition and construction method.

If required, the bore-holes should be settled with a temporary casing in the upper layer (based on soil and site condition).

The length of the casing is set from the actual soil condition prevailing on site.

Bentonite should be utilized for unsettled subsoil condition and for piles equal and in excess of 180cm diameter.

SETTING OUT: The position of permanent bored piles should be set out and nailed by the subcontractor’s surveyor depending on the sanctioned setting out drawings from consultant and control points at site.

The surveying details of each position should be recorded combining reduced level and coordinates.

Each individually surveyed pile location shall be resisted from disturbance before staring the boring works.

Two reference points should be set up equidistant at not below 2.0m from the pile middle position.

A pilot hole of about 3-6 meter deep should be drilled at the pile location.

The eccentricity and alignment of the pilot hole is then examined.

Besides, there are other steps like drilling, bentonite, installation of steel cage, concreting etc.

Method Statement For The Construction Of Bored Pile