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Estimating Sheet

Demonstration of PDF Quick Scale and Measurement tool

Construction Software

This construction video is created to demonstrate the application of PDF Quick Scale and Measurement tool to instantly export dimensions computed on a pdf drawing to a excel based spreadsheet that can be utilized in bills, abstracts, measures, take-offs, valuations, variations, checking sub-contractors measures/accounts etc.

This useful construction tool will facilitate the measurement of any distance, perimeter, plan area out of a PDF and allows you to obtain the scale of the drawing or the measurement amid two reference points on the drawing, photo or scanned image.

This PDF Quick Scale and Measurement tool can be integrated in other estimating software used by construction industry. Just put the exported data into the 'girth sum' directly accelerates manual take-off process much more efficiently. This user-friendly software contains the information required for Check Estimating, Getting Quotations, Blank Bill of Quantities for pricing, Materials Enquiries, Subcontractor Enquiries and Comparisons and Post Contract Valuations of Variations.

Link for download PDF Quick Scale Measure Take Off to Excel

Construction Rates PDF Quick Scale Measure Take-off to Excel Software
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