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Estimating Sheet

Cost Estimating and Contract Pricing

Construction Software

The process of estimating the cost for the development and delivery of a product, service, or solution can range from simple to highly complex based upon multiple factors including : technology maturity, urgency, geographic location, quantity, quality, availability of resources, hardware and software, systems integration and more.

Cost Estimating and Contract Pricing

This book provides a comprehensive discussion of cost estimating and contract pricing with extensive use of tools, techniques, and best practices from both the public and private sectors.

Key topics of discussion include:

  • Cost estimating methods
  • Cost accounting standards
  • Cost analysis
  • Profit analysis
  • Contract pricing arrangements
  • Price analysis
  • Total ownership cost
  • Earned value management systems

Author: Gregory A. Garrett - Cost Estimating and Contract Pricing : Tools, Techniques and Best Practices.

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