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Reasons for Deflections of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs

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It is necessary to take into account and evaluate different factors which influence deflections of reinforced concrete beams and slabs before starting design and construction.

These factors are categorized into two group with parameter identified prior to construction and factors unidentified prior to construction. It is established that unidentified factors are more important as compared to identified factors prior to construction.

Besides, the probable deflection variation of reinforced concrete beams and slabs are evaluated by measuring deflections with genuine maximum and minimum values for parameters. This construction sheds light on the most vital and leading reasons.

Reasons for Deflections of RCC Beams and Slabs: Given below, some reasons which influence deflections of flexural members (beams and slabs) in reinforced concrete structures:

a. Mistakes in calculating the deflection of flexural members
b. Loading of flexural members
c. Flexural rigidity
d. Reasons for fixity
e. Construction deviations of flexural members
f. Creep and shrinkage in flexural members

Mistakes in calculating deflections for beams and slabs: Usually, difference among actual and calculated deflections is occurred due to miscalculations. Numbers of such miscalculations are briefly described here.

There exist various methods for deflection calculation which should be taken into consideration for obtaining final deflection result. Any mistakes in any phase could provide a significant negative effect on the final outcome. As for instance, if the chance of error is 1% in each phase, the chances of errors in the final result are about 10%. Besides, it is assumed that the calculation errors among 25 – 50% are unusual.

Reasons for Deflections of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs

A computer program can be used to reduce the length and complex detail of deflection calculation. The program should consider most of the parameters, which influence the flexural member deflection into account and convincingly calculate and assume structural deflection in wide range of conditions with considerable precision.

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