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Demarcation or layout method in a building

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The following method is undertaken for demarcation of a building.

For creating outline concerning a building, marking is done to the baseline on the ground either from center line of the road or from any adjacent permanent building.

This line allows to demarcate the front of a building. Side baseline is also demarcated through side structure or road or it can be demarcated by the first baseline or boundary of the plot.

Secure temporary pegs at the center line of walls/columns on both sides of walls and columns in front and back side.

Secure peg at the center line of walls/columns on both sides of wall and columns in left and right side of the front of the building.

Examine the diagonals of the square or rectangle which are created once the pegs are set.

Build up burji or marking pillars having pegs at a spacing of 1.5 meter to 2 meters and their top surface should be plastered.

Demarcate center line on the top of burjis with the use of thread (soot) or with the thedolite in large projects and the diagonal & other dimension should be verified.

The burji should be leveled on all the corners of the building and the top level should be secured at intended plinth level.

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Demarcate the foundation of walls/columns with adherence to the drawing on the ground with the use of centerline demarcated on the burji.

Demarcate the foundation trenches on the ground with chalk powder.

Excavate the foundation of the walls and columns up to the desired level and the excavation should be verified with the support of center line and level burji to get rid of any complexity in due course of time.

Benefits of layout with the help of burjis:

It saves huge time for calculating & laying down the point repeatedly during construction.

It enhances the ability of mason & foreman for accomplishing their jobs.

Exactness can be verified at any time at any step.

If there is any error, it can be easily modified at initial phase. It become very problematic to correct the error later on.

Cross verification is performed by senior engineer in less time.

A standard work is retained.

Demarcation or layout method in a building