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Precautions in demolition work of buildings

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While executing demolition/dismantling work, the following precautions should be taken for the safety purpose.

Planning: Prior to start the actual work of demolition, a careful study of the structure and all its vicinities should be performed which involve the activities like the examination of the method in which the different sections of the building expected for being dismantled are supported and how far the phase by phase demolition will impact the safety of the adjacent structure.

There should be a specific plan of process for the demolition work, that is based on the method in which the loads of the different structural parts are supported. The proposed plan should be sanctioned by the engineer-in-charge and it should be abided by as far as possible while accomplishing the demolition work. Prior to start the each phase of demolition, the foreman should brief the workers thoroughly concerning the safety perspective.

There should be no inconvenience regarding the impact of the demolishing work on the adjoining buildings.

No structure or section of the structure or any floor or temporary support or scaffold, side wall or any device for equipment should be loaded beyond the safe bearing strength, in its subsisting condition.

Electrical installations for demolition sites should be compliant with 12 of Part 8 ‘Building Services, Section 2 Electrical and Allied Installations’ of the Code.

Before starting the demolition work, the following preventative measures should be taken :-

On each demolition work, danger signs should be evidently briefed all around the structure and all doors and openings providing access to the structure should be retained protected or manned, besides all through the actual passage of workers or equipment.

There should be provisions for minimum two separate exits for the escape of workers all through an emergency.

During nights, red lights shall be arranged on or about all the barricades.

Where in any work of demolition, it is essential, due to existence of danger, to ensure that no illegitimate person will go into the site of demolition throughout the outside hours; a watchman should be appointed. Besides, observing the site, he will be liable for sustaining all notices, lights and barricades.

All the required safety devices should be handed over to the workers and their applications should be demonstrated clearly. It should be monitored that the workers are utilizing all the safety appliances at the time of working in the job site.

All electrical service lines already powered on should be turned off and prior to starting of the demolition work at or outside the property line should be cut or disconnected. Before cutting or disconnecting the lines, the compulsory permission should be acquired from the concerned electrical authorities except for any power lines necessary for demolition work.

Prior to execute the demolition work, all gas, water steam and other service lines should be turned off and stopped or otherwise controlled at or outside the building line.

All the mains and meters of the building should be detached or safeguarded from damage.

When a structure to be dismantled is partly devastated with fire, explosion or other disasters, the walls and damaged roofs should be braced properly.

To get information on the protection of the building, go through the following link.

Precautions in demolition work of buildings