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Estimating Sheet

Brief demonstration of concrete foundation estimator

Construction Software

Concrete foundation estimator (CFE) is considered as a robust productivity tool that is specifically designed for all contractors, owner-builders and homeowners to streamline and accelerate the process for estimating and bidding on concrete jobs.

There are more than 300 logic formulas which function for you on a background.

In order to download, click on the following link

a. The objective of this app is to reduce the estimating time from 2-4 hours down to 5-10 minutes whereas enhancing sales
b. Enhance the amount of estimates completed each day.
c. Reduce guess work.
d. Lessen amount of time incurred on materials take-off list making for material supplier.

CFE app can be used to generate PROFESSIONAL, editable, understandable construction bid, estimate, quote, along with all or any part of the following:

Concrete demolition of the prevailing slabs and footings, Excavation volume and cost by applying manual labor or machinery, Pull out soil hauling and dumping fees, Crushed concrete hauling and dumping fees, Materials cost and volume for:, Footings, Stem walls, Piers, Slabs, Reinforcement, Shear walls etc.

The homeowners, contractors and others who have built a house or addition can quickly workout their cost with the inclusion of essential values from engineering plans.

Video Source: Progress Builders

It is possible to generate estimate with the following characteristics :

1. Very detailed, recording all trades labor, materials.
2. Basic, listing only trades and it’s cost.
3. By trade, showing any trade per your selection.
4. Can add overhead and discount.

Share or bid: Email quote for concrete job to your client inside the app in PDF, Transform estimate to Excel and customize output, Email list of materials to your supplier.

While making estimate, each time, you should not have to consider materials and labor cost. CFE includes preset settings, which can be modified at your own level of price, time and use of materials. While using it for the first time, you have to review all sections and update preset values. You have to update material or labor cost sometimes.

There is in-built portfolio page that saves all of your projects and it is possible to recover and revise estimates instantly, make revisions, generat PDF quotes or Excel editable spreadsheets.

Brief demonstration of concrete foundation estimator