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Derivation of cement quantity in 1 bag cement

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This construction video briefly demonstrates the derivation of the quantity of cement in 1 bag.

Cement acts as good binder that can set and reinforce as well as bind other materials collectively. Besides, the cement is also applied as strong constituent in the formation of mortar in masonry and concrete.

Cements are classified as being either hydraulic or non-hydraulic, on the basis of the capacity of the cement to set in the existence of water.

Non-hydraulic cement will never set in drench conditions or underwater; instead, it sets when it dehydrates and acts in response with carbon dioxide in the air. It is tolerant to attack by chemicals once setting is completed.

We know that 1 bag of cement contains 1.226 CFT or Cubic Feet.
Density of cement = 1440 Kg/m3

Toward 1m3, the quantity of cement should be 1440 Kg
It is known that 1 bag of cement = 50 Kg
For 1m3 the necessary bags of cement will be 1440/50 = 28.8 bags
It is known that In 1m3 = 35.3147 CFT or cubic feet cement is required

So, in 28.8 bags the quantity of cement will be 35.3147 CFT
Therefore, In 1 bag = 35.3147/28.8 = 1.226 CFT

Video Source: L & T - Learning Technology

Derivation of cement quantity in 1 bag cement