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Step-by-step instructions to design a dog legged staircase

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This construction video tutorial is very useful for civil engineers. In this video, you will get useful information on how to utilize STAAD PRO for the purpose of making the design of staircase specifically dog legged staircase.

Dog legged stair case is treated as the most inexpensive staircase. It is commonly found stair that is set with two adjoining flights running parallel through a mid landing. This type of staircase is most effective where there is short space. The objective of dog legged staircase is to use the existing space economically.

Under this type of staircase, landing is arranged according to the level at which the direction of the flight adjusts.

In these types of stairs, the user climbs up to a flight that rotates at 180 degree and then climbs stairs opposite direction.

In the section view of the staircase, the height from ground to the landing is 1.5 meter and above the landing, the height is also 1.5 meter.

To learn the detail calculation process, go the following video tutorial.

Download Dog Legged Staircase

Video Source TECH@7K

Step-by-step instructions to design a dog legged staircase