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How to design a double reinforced concrete beam

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This is another useful presentation from S.L.Khan.

In this construction video tutorial you will be familiar with the detail method that is necessary to create the design of a double reinforced concrete beam.

In this video, the solution is given to the following problem :-

Problem : How to design rectangular concrete beam to withstand a total design moment Mu of 800 ft-kips (the beam weight is already assumed in the moment).

The size of the beam is restricted to 16 inches maximum width and 30 inches maximum overall depth. Apply fc’ = 3000 psi and fy = 60,000 psi. If compressive steel is necessary, keep d’ = 2.5 inches.

f’c is the specified compressive strength of concrete using standard cylinders of six inches diameter and twelve inches height. Usually this is prescribed at the age of 28 days. It generally remains 3000, 4000, or 5000 psi.

fy is the specified yield stress or strength of reinforcement concrete. It is normally 60,000 psi for new buildings and 40,000 psi for older buildings.

To get the solution of the above problem, watch the following construction video tutorial.

Video Source: SL Khan

How to design a double reinforced concrete beam