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How to design a square reinforced tie column

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Learn the step-by-step process for creating the design of a square reinforced concrete tie column on the basis of ACI codes. To do this, initially you have to gather knowledge on some fundamental requirements of column.

The video briefly focuses on the ACI -318 standard and how it is important for columns.

This code offers a way of setting up lowest standards for approval of designs and construction through a lawfully employed building official or his nominated representatives. The code and commentary are not proposed to be applied in resolving disputes among the owner, engineer, architect, contractor, or their agents, subcontractors, material suppliers, or testing agencies.

Prerequisites of ACI – 318 :-

Proportion of longitudinal steel must not be under 1% neither surpassing 8%

Minimum four longitudinal bars must be applied inside rectangular or circular ties.
Minimum six longitudinal bars must be applied with in spiral ties.

Some added necessities for ties columns - The lowest tie size will be as follow :-

#3 bars for longitudinal bars up to #10
#4 bars for longitudinal bars greater than #10

The lowest tie spacing is the maximum of :
One inch (1”)
One longitudinal bar diameter

To get the complete process, go through the following video.

Video Courtesy: SL Khan

How to design a square reinforced tie column