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Post Tension Concrete Design

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1) Long-term defections cracked should not be taken into consideration.

Beams and penetrant slabs provide a fundamental benefit over their limbs with regard to deflection.

2) Application of the extra bar for reinforcing retraction and temperature in parking garage slabs.

3) Settle to design any general anchoring area or to disallow this liability.

The PT suppliers should be liable for the design of the local anchorage areas and they should refrain from thinking that they can also take care of the general area.

4) Sweeping tendons to low points devoid of proper detail. When it is vital to scan the tendons laterally and often it is caused by misaligned columns, ensure to detail these areas perfectly, either at the bottom or at any other point on the slab.

5) Do not consider the impact of the slabs on the tendon profile.

6) Over balancing the dead load in your designs.

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7) Authenticity with 3d software finite element for design and drawings.

8) Substandard specifications for tendon finishing and inspection.

9) Specification failure of encapsulated systems: PT encapsulated systems should be clearly mentioned on all PT buildings (with the possible exception of floor slab construction).

10) Don’t consider the content of shortening effects : It is the source of most of the problems related with new designs, both aesthetic and structural.

It is crucial to assess the design in respect of the possibility of stress and provide measures to reduce these effects.

Shear wall reinforcement: Shear wall reinforcement will be same as ‘S’ shaped reinforcement.

Some vital design errors in post-tensioned concrete