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A good construction document on design of reinforced concrete columns

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Designing Reinforced Concrete Columns is a significant part of Civil Engineering Design.

The column design is influenced by the two primary factors :-

• Bracing: if the column can affect supplementary moments which are produced with the P −δ effect. It does not influcence braced columns
• Slenderness ratio: The operative length segregated by the lateral dimension of the column. Low values specify a severe failure, whereas high values represent buckling.

Bracing: There are two types of bracing-

• Braced: Lateral loads on the structure are defied by elements excluding the columns in the structure; as for instance lift cores, shear walls. Therefore these columns primarily select axial load; though, bending moments may lead to the columns because of organizing loads asymmetrically.

• Unbraced: Lateral loads are confronted by the bending action of the columns. The axial loads are also occupied by the columns.

Slenderness ratio: The slenderness ratio belongs to the ratio of the operative length le to the lateral dimension of the column in that direction. There are two directions on plan, and there exist two ratios:

• Long side of column: slenderness ratio = lex /h ;
• Short side of column: slenderness ratio = ley /b

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Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns

Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns
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