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The detailed process for designing a straight staircase

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A straight staircase comprises of a single, straight flight of stairs that combines two levels or floors in a building. A straight staircase belongs to one of the ancient and most general types of staircase found in buildings.

The straight staircase offers the following benefits :-

As compared to U-shaped or Curved staircase, it is more economical as the construction method is not complicated and less time required to build it.

One will be able to get a clear view of the whole flight while moving to up or down. Besides, there is less risk of bumping into someone who is moving in the other way.

Any addition or modification can be easily done in straight staircase. A stair lift can be easily added into straight staircase.

Due to the clear view of stairs, there is less chance for falls or misplaced steps as compared to curved staircase.

This construction video tutorial is based on the topic of how to design a straight staircase in a wall.

The design is created on the basis of the following data :-

Height of the wall is taken as = 10 ft
The height of the riser = 7 inches
The length of the tread = 11 inches

In order to find out the numbers of risers, the following formula is used :-
Total height of the wall / Height of the riser = 10/ 0.5833 = 17.14 = 17 Nos. (here inch is converted to feet)

In order to find out the numbers of treads, the following formula is applied :-
Number of risers – 1 = 17 – 1 = 16 Nos

To get more information, watch the following video.

Video Courtesy: Civil Engineers

The detailed process for designing a straight staircase