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Details about specific gravity of cement

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Specific Gravity refers to the comparability among the weight of a volume of a specific material to the weight of the same volume of water at a particular temperature.

We take the value as 3.15 (truly 3.12-3.19). 3.15g/cc signifies the cement is 3.15 times higher as compared to the water of the equivalent volume.

Importance of measuring this value for cement

Generally, the aggregates are originated from stockpiles, which may be vulnerable to different conditions.

If the cement is vulnerable to severe moisture content then, the specific gravity of cement will fluctuate due to the existence of moisture content in the pores.

Every material contains solid particles and pores and water may be included in them.

Generally, the nominal mix design is dependent on the value of specific gravity of cement as 3.15. The value will fluctuate in due course of time if the cement is vulnerable to different weather conditions. So it is vital to find out the specific gravity of cement prior to apply it.

So, it is suggested not to stock old cement as there may be external moisture content in it.

Importance of specific gravity of cement: The water cement ratio is a crucial factor. It is directly proportional to workability and the strength of a bonding. If there is already more moisture in cement then the value of water cement ratio will actually influence the workability and strength instead of escalating it.

If the specific gravity of cement is exceeding 3.19 then, the cement is either not crushed delicately by adhering to the industry standard or it contains more moisture content for which the mix and bonding will be hampered. For this reason, various chunks will be present at the time of mixing old stock cement for concrete.

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Details about specific gravity of cement