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Details of rebaring process in RCC structures

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This construction video tutorial is very informative for site civil engineer. The video focuses on the following topics :-

1. Definition of re-baring in RCC structure
2. Types of tools used in re-baring
3. Complete procedures of re-baring work

Re-baring is mostly required to connect reinforcement from old structure to new structure. Rebar is used to put in resistance to concentrated loads with the arrangement of sufficient localized resistance and constraint for a load to expand through a larger area. Rebar is utilized to retain other steel bars in the exact location to adjust their loads.

They are generally arranged at the joints where formwork is closed and new component of the structure should make a bond with the previous one. Rebar's surface is frequently patterned to make a superior bond with the concrete.

PLACING REBAR: Steel wire is applied to tie rebar prior to pouring of concrete over it.

By applying the hydraulic benders and shears, rebar cages are fabricated either in the job site or outside the project site. For small or custom work, a tool called as a Hickey, or hand rebar bender can be used. The rebars are arranged with steel fixers "rod-busters" or concrete reinforcing iron workers, with bar supports and concrete or plastic rebar spacers are used to detach the rebar from the concrete form-work to set up concrete cover and make sure that proper embedment is provided.

The rebars in the cages are joined with spot welding; tying steel wire as well as often with an electric rebar tier or with mechanical connections. For tying epoxy coated or galvanised rebars, epoxy coated or galvanized wire is generally utilized used.

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Tutorials Tips

Details of rebaring process in RCC structures