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Importance of development length of RC structures

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This construction video provides brief explanation on development length of Rebar RC structures.

The video will be very useful for getting clear ideas on the detailing of reinforcement bar.

Development length is crucial to get rid of the issue like splitting of bars from concrete. Arrangement of this additional embedment is described as development length. The main objective is to arrange fixed support to the bars. Hooks are not supplied in compression reinforcement.

Development length highlights the length of the bar necessary to transmit the stresses to the concrete.

This development length is based on different types of parameters.

1. Grade of steel
2. Grade of concrete
3. Diameter of steel bar
4. Type of steel bar and so on.

Rebar detailing refers to the discipline of generating 'shop/placing' drawings or shop drawings of steel reinforcement for construction.

To get more information, watch the following video.

Video Courtesy: Sambsiva Rao K

Importance of development length of RC structures