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Different Elements of Bridge Structure

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A bridge belongs to a structure that arranges passage above an obstacle devoid of closing the way below. The passage is arranged toward a road, a railway, pedestrians, a canal or a pipeline. The bridge should cover the obstacle like a river, a road, railway or a valley.

Bridges are categorized as follow: Categorization based on form (or) type of superstructures -

1. Slab bridge
2. Beam bridge
3. Truss bridge
4. Arch bridge
5. Cable stayed (or )suspended bridge

Categorization based on material of development of superstructure -

1. Timber bridge
2. Concrete bridge
3. Stone bridge
4. R.C.C bridge
5. Steel bridge
6. P.C.C bridge
7. Composite bridge
8. Aluminum bridge

Categorization based on inter-span relationship -

1. Simply supported bridge
2. Cantilever bridge
3. Continuous bridge

Categorization based on the placement of the bridge floor corresponding to superstructures -

1. Deck through bridge
2. Half through or suspension bridge

Categorization based on the method of connection of various parts of superstructures -

1. Pinned connection bridge
2. Riveted connection bridge
3. Welded connection bridge

Categorization based on length of bridge -

1. Culvert bridge(less than 6 m)
2. Minor bridge(less than 6 m-60m)
3. Major bridge(more than 60 m)
4. Long span bridge(more than 120 m)

Different Elements of Bridge Structure

Categorization based on function -

1. Aqueduct bridge(canal over a river)
2. Viaduct(road or railway over a valley or river)
3. Pedestrian bridge
4. Highway bridge
5. Railway bridge
6. Road-cum-rail or pipe line bridge

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