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Different sections of a staircase

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Tread – The upward horizontal part of step over which foot is arranged throughout ascending and descending a stairway.

Riser – It belongs to vertical member of step. It’s purpose is to provide support and associate sequential treads.

Headroom – It belongs to the vertical height among the tread of one flight and ceiling of overhead construction. It should contain adequate space to avoid problem for the person utilizing it.

Stringer – These belong to the sloping members of the stair, which are applied to support the end of steps.

Winders – These belong to the steps which are utilized for altering the directions of stairs. These are generally triangular in shape.

Flight – It comprises of series of steps arranged among landings.

Run or going – It contains total length of stairs in horizontal plain along with length of landings.

Landing – It belong to the horizontal platform that is set at the top of series of steps. It allows direction change of flight.

Handrail – It refers to a slanted rail that is arranged at suitable height over steps. It performs as a guard rail and offers support to the persons who use the stairs.

Balusters – It is solitary vertical member that is constructed with timber, metal or masonry settled among string and hand rail to provide support to hand rail.

Nosing – It stands for the extended section of tread outside the face of riser.

Line of nosing – It belongs to the straight line that keeps contact with the nosing of different steps and equivalent to slope of line.

Pitch or slope – It is the vertical angle formed with the line of nosing horizontally.

Different sections of a staircase