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Details about different types of building drawings

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A building drawing and construction plan drawing are arranged prior to start the construction process of a building. Usually, a construction drawing is required for each building.

Initially, the house drawing should be developed and then it should be sanctioned by the Local concerned Authority.

The architectural plans and blue print drawing of the building should be adhered to the Bye-Laws of the Local Body.

Each Local Body offers some basic rules on the basis of the health of people and environment of the locality.

These are known as the bye-Laws of the concerned Authority.

Different types of sketches are produced for building plan drawing.

Initially, a single line sketch is created that demonstrates size and arrangement of rooms in accordance with their significance and type.

It is known as the Line Plan. This type of sketch is produced by an architect or engineer.

This line plan facilitates to create another detailed drawing that is created by a draftsman.

This architectural drawing demonstrates the detail of order, size, and thickness of the walls of the rooms.

Foundation Plan demonstrates the size and depth of foundation.

The elevation drawing demonstrates the front view and cross-sectional drawing demonstrates the inner detail of the rooms.

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Individual working drawings are provided for electricity, gas, water supply, and sewerage, etc.

Besides, the submission drawing is developed to procure the approval of the Municipal Corporation or other concerned Development Authority like (F. D. A), (C. D. A), (L. D. A), etc., in accordance with their Bye-Laws.

This drawing includes the details like Index Plan, the cross-section of walls, detailed plan, elevation, cross-section, floor, and roof, etc as well as the detail of sizes of doors, windows, specifications, and other constructional detail.

Types of Building Drawing

Based on the features and dimensions of the building, the following types building drawings are prepared :-

1. Site Plan.
2. Line Plan.
3. Detailed Plan.
4. Foundation Plan.
5. Landscape plan.
6. Elevation.
7. Sectional Elevation.
8. Perspective Drawing.
9. Submission Drawing.
10. Model.

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Details about different types of building drawings