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Cost Estimating Tutorial

Learn the various processes, sequence and tools useful for developing different types of Civil Engineering Projects

David Moloney comes with an exclusive construction video that focuses on some useful construction processes, sequence and tools which are used to build up different kinds of civil engineering projects. This construction video is based on 3d animations to easily depict the wide array of construction operations & plants associated with developing a construction project.

The video highlights various types of construction projects which range from Airports, Seaports, Metros, Roads, Bridges, Pipelines both onshore & offshore, Oil & Gas, Piling, Post-tensioning, Precast Yard, Quarry, Aggregate Production, Reinforcement Cutting & Bending, Roofing , and more.

Go through this youtube video and gather knowledge on tender presentations, support for contractual claims, site inductions to disseminate staff and workers with projects, demonstration of development, point up construction issues with proposed designs, assessment of commercial risk and for promotional purposes.

This video can be used as a reference and presented at progress meetings, workshops, conferences and tender presentations.

Civil Engineering Projects