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Different types of Roof Trusses construction for diverse lengths

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In Architecture and Structural Engineering, a truss refers to a structure having one or other triangular units built up with straight slender members whose ends are tied up with joints called nodes. Given below some useful informations regarding different types of roof trusses in wood and steel and their applications in diverse construction projects.

Various kinds of Wooden and Steel Roof Trusses:

King Post Truss: King Post Truss refers to a timber truss. It is also created with wood and steel. It is utilized for lengths upto 8m.

Queen Post Truss: Queen Post Truss is made of timber. It is used for lengths upto 10m.

Howe Truss: It is formed with wood and steel. The vertical members or tension members belong to steel. It is utilized for lengths from 6-30m.

Pratt Truss: Pratt Truss is formed with steel. As compared to Fink Trusses, these cost less. Vertical members consist of tension and diagonal members are compression. It is applied for lengths from 6-10m.

Fan Truss: Steel is the base material. Fan trusses are one kind of Fink roof truss. In Fan Trusses, top chords are segregated into tiny lengths to facilitate supports for purlins which are not available at joints in Fink trusses. It is applied for lengths from 10-15m.

North Light Roof Truss: When the floor length goes beyond 15m, it costs less to alter from a simple truss arrangement to one using broad length lattice girders which hold trusses at proper angles.

This roof comprised of a wide array of trusses attached to girders. The short vertical side of the truss is enlightened with the intention that when the roof is applied in the Northern Hemisphere, the enlightened portion features north for the superior light.

Quadrangular roof Trusses: The applications are found for large lengths like railway sheds and Auditoriums.

Different types of Roof Trusses construction for diverse lengths
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