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Bill of Quantities (BOQ) Sample

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Bill of Quantities (BOQ) plays a vital role in efficient construction management.

It is considered as an effective communication tool that associates the parties (Client, consultant & contractor) of construction project.

The bill of quantities sample refers to a schedule that categories, itemizes and measures the materials and other cost items so that these can be applied in construction project. It should be remembered that, direct costs & indirect costs have to be included in the total cost of the project and they are covered in various portions of the bill of quantities boq.


Usually, bill of quantity is available in tabular form that consists of description, unit, quantity, rate & amount in different columns.

A cost consultant or quantity surveyor makes it to deliver project specific measured quantities of the items of work mentioned in the drawings and specifications in the tender documentation.

The Benefits of bill of quantities construction: BOQ is utilized in each stage (pre-contract & post-contract) of the project but requirement of BOQ varies according to diverse contract agreements & project.

1. Bill of quantities template delivers the basic idea of the project by arranging the quantities to tenderers.
2. It describes the scope of the work. (But it should have been recognized according to drawings & specification as well).
3. It offers predictable or predicted contract sum. (vital for client)
4. It offers a basis for valuation of variation. (Variation should be explained briefly).

Download a sample of Bill of Quantities (BOQ)

Link for Download a sample of Bill of Quantities (BOQ)