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Estimating Sheet

Make your reinforce detailing process superior with Bar Bending Schedule Spreadsheet to IS 2502: 1999

Construction Software

Bar Bending Schedule Spreadsheet to IS 2502: 1999 is very useful for construction professionals who deal with detailing reinforcement by maintaining Indian Standard.

The designer, detailer, contractor or a manufacturer/supplier can use this estimating spreadsheet to make huge savings while generating bar lists as well as sorting, optimizing, tagging etc for rebar.

The users can obtain transparent information in a clear format. There is a shape code pop-up window to make input process faster.

This construction spreadsheet can be easily optimized according to the user’s requirements through various useful features. As for instance steel grades, bend and hook lengths are completely modifiable to accommodate user's bending method (machine or manual bending) and facilitate the user to alter the spreadsheet to materials which are already used.

Sorting and optimization are done on the basis of four (user-defined) levels of priority, and the users get the ability to select for sorting by material-diameter-length-bar mark or by material-weight-length or by any other order. Besides, the users can also alter bar stock length per bar diameter to provide current status of stock; as well as adjust weight limits for grouping rebar and assigning individual tags.

There is also a video presentation that focuses on the following features of the spreadsheet.

  • How to insert new sheet;
  • How to clean all data on a sheet through clear sheet button;
  • How to add new bars and use shape code pop-up quick selection window;
  • Get help from adjustable settings like hook and bend lengths etc;
  • How to sort bars from all sheets according to user-specified sorting order;
  • How to Optimize bars for cutting;
  • How to create tags;
  • How to make a delivery note;
  • Identify which sheets are printable on which printer by using custom printer.

Link for download Bar Bending Schedule Spreadsheet

Bar Bending Schedule Spreadsheet