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Estimating Sheet

Bill of Quantities for Civil Works Excel

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In this civil engineering article, you will be familiar with a excel sheet for making calculation of civil work quantities. With this excel sheet, one can perform the following activities :-

1. Work out Masonry Work for the following items.

• Masonry Volume
• No of Bricks
• Ratio
• Cement
• Sand

2. Measure Concrete Work for the followings :-

• Concrete Work for Ft
• Concrete Work for Meter
• Steel in R.C.C for Meter
• Steel in R.C.C for Ft

3. Measure Plaster Work and Quantities for the followings :-

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• Plaster Work for Ft
• Plaster Work for Meter

4. Compute number of the tiles floor area of tiles.

• Tile Work for Ft
• Tile Work for Meter

5. The converter is also linked in the excel sheet to change any values from mks to cgs or mks to fps whatever.

One can download this excel sheet at free of cost by clicking on the following link.

How to determine civil work quantities in excel sheet