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Download Reinforced concrete Strip Footing Design Spreadsheet

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R.C. Strip Footing Design Spreadsheet to BS 8110-1: 1997 is used to design reinforced and unreinforced concrete strip footings. Besides, it also be applied for finding out axial, bending moment and/or horizontal loads Supported wall is placed centrally or eccentrically on the footing.

With this spreadsheet, one can verify uplift, overturning, sliding, bearing pressures. For the requirement of reinforced concrete footing, the spreadsheet designs reinforcement for bending and shear. Required reinforcement is designed on a clear 'live' diagram.

The diagram also provides foundation sizes for instant verification. The spreadsheet contains pop-up messages having help information.

The spreadsheet includes the following features :-

  • Understandable and easily readable output (all on a single page);
  • Unreinforced and reinforced concrete footings;
  • Symmetrical and unsymmetrical footing;
  • Verified overturning, uplift, sliding, bearing pressures;
  • Designs reinforcement for bending and shear;
  • Instant summary of utilization factors;
  • Load cases: dead, imposed, wind;

  • Loading: axial, bending moment, horizontal;
  • In-spreadsheet help;
  • 'Live' section diagram;
  • Requisite reinforcement is plotted on diagram;
  • Design is made on the basis of British Standard (BS 8110-1: 1997).

This estimating spreadsheet supports Microsoft Windows Excel version 2007 to 2016.

Link for download R.C. Strip Footing Design Spreadsheet to BS 8110-1: 1997

R.C. Strip Footing Design Spreadsheet