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Download Viewpoint MEP Estimating Software

Construction Software

Viewpoint MEP Estimating, previously called as Maxwell Estimation, is a highly developed estimating program that can be used for making estimation & takeoff of HVAC, mechanical, residential & commercial plumbing as well as electrical firms.

It contains detailed trade related estimating features for producing precise and financially reasonable estimates quickly. There is an updated database inside the software containing the latest prices of materials and labor for all the industries associated with construction.

Viewpoint MEP Estimating consists of the following aspects:-

  • excel integration
  • visual assemblies
  • proposal generators
  • a historical database
  • “what-if” analysis

With the incorporated takeoff module, the users get the ability to download plans from online plan rooms as well as utilize these to create takeoffs devoid of stylus pens and digitizer boards. In case, the users like to apply digitizer boards, GTCO’s Rollup Digitizer and Rigid Digitizer amalgamate with the system to make the takeoff progression easier.

The Rollup Digitizer refers to a smile digitizer created to be applied the field and intended to roll up into a suitable carrying case without any difficulty. The Rigid Digitizer denotes a stable fixture that presents a more customary digitizer board. Besides, all these useful features, the users can also get benefits from conversion calculator, CAD file integration, automatic scaling, and other features.

Viewpoint provides great solution for making the project ecosystem better through its incorporated product platform ranging from mobile applications to facilitate the field staff to content management solutions toward estimators and contract administrators. It is well suited with any type of contractor, business role, or project role, together with General Contractors, Subcontractors, CEOs, Suppliers, Architects, Project Managers, or Engineers.

Download a demo version of the software.

Viewpoint MEP Estimating Software
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