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How to study the drawing of any stone masonry retaining wall

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This is very useful video tutorial for civil engineering students. In this tutorial you will learn how to study the drawing and notes of a stone masonry retaining wall. All the dimensions are given here in the measuring unit of meter or millimeter.

The stone retaining wall is suitable for the areas where the RCC retaining wall can’t be built up because of some reasons.

Retaining walls are usually constructed with oversized blocky stone known as “dry stack” since mortar is not utilized among the stones in general. The dry-stack method is not recommended for the walls which contain the height more than 3 feet. For taller structures, mortared walls should be used.

While going to construction stone retaining wall, the following points should be taken into consideration :-

The rocks utilized in the wall should have the capacity to withstand the pressure being employed by the weight behind the wall.

The weight of the wall will be pushed down on the base material to be developed, that may make the material shift, settling the structural integrity of your work. Take the time to construct a strong base if necessary.

Water should not be stored behind the walls. The intensified weight of wet gravel or earth, and the high risk of heaving caused by frost, can endanger the wall. So, there should be proper arrangement for drainage.

There should have been any multi-level tiers to make sure that the top tiers do not add to the pressure behind the elementary tiers.

Go through the following video tutorial to know the tips for studying the drawing of retaining wall.

Video Source: F&U-FORYOU

How to study the drawing of any stone masonry retaining wall