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Benefits of End Bearing Pile in Construction

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End bearing piles alias point-bearing piles can be applied to transmit superstructure load to a sturdy stratum like rock or very dense sand and gravel via soil with low bearing strength.

They derive most of their load bearing strength from the resistance of the sturdy soil layer at the end of the pile.

The end of the pile should be infiltrated into the hard strata by no less than three times the diameter of the pile. This measure obtains the full advantages of the ultimate strength of the hard layer under the pile tip. Prefabricated piles and auger type pile are applied as end-bearing piles.

The end bearing piles move across weak soil and build upon strong soil layer, thus functions similar to a column. As a result, the design of this type of pile is same as a reinforced concrete column. Buckling failure is not taken into the design of the end bearing pile if not parts of it run through water or air.

Importance of End Bearing Pile:

• The hard strata under weak soil layer should be attained other than that friction pile has to be utilized.

• End bearing pile reduces settlement to a great extent, so it is highly recommended for buildings in which settlement is not possible.
• End bearing pile is applicable when a building undergoes heavy concentrated loads.
• Huge variations in sub-soil water level.
• Existence of canal or deep drainage lines adjacent to the foundations.
• When huge money is required for raft foundation or due to local difficulties raft foundation is not possible.

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The end bearing pile is mainly used for the followings :-

1. High-rise structures
2. Bridges structures
3. Water tanks.


1. It undergoes low settlement in terms of other types of pile like floating pile. For this reason, this type of pile is mostly suitable for multi-story buildings.

2. The end bearing piles are normally utilized in the most of the construction sites.
3. End bearing pile is precast to specifications.
4. They are prefabricated into any length, shape, and size and applied on-site to curtail the time for completion of the work.
5. Due to end bearing pile, buckling failure does not occur in weak soil apart from if it goes through air or water.
6. The pile builds on hard stratum that could be harder than the steel for the maximum design load that can be applied.

7. The cost of pile construction is reasonable as its length is indicated on the basis of the depth of firm soil layer.
8. The length of the applicable pile is measured simply on the basis of bedrock depth that is acquired from soil exploration borehole records.

Benefits of End Bearing Pile in Construction