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How to measure a circular wall in excel

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In this exclusive construction video tutorial, you will learn how to make calculation of O shape wall or circular wall with the use of excel.

Detail information is given on the following steps involved in the construction process :-

a. Excavation or Earthwork
b. Concrete Work
c. Brickwork in Sub Structure
d. D.P.C (Damp Proof Course)
e. Brickwork in Super-Structure
f. Cement Plaster
g. White Washing

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Circular walls are built up with four usual manners, using fixed-radius manufactured walers, fixed-radius job-built walers, modifiable walers, or modular form panels.

Circular Walls are mostly found in water retaining structures.

To learn the estimating method for circular wall through excel sheet, go through the following video tutorial presented by the renowned civil engineer, Waseem Raja.

Video Source: Engr. Waseem Raja

How to measure a circular wall in excel