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Estimating Sheet

How to estimate the material for a reinforcement concrete road

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This construction video will teach you how to estimate concrete, steel and sub base material for any road that is 60’ long. In this video estimation for joints is excluded.

A road contains different layers like bitumen surface, base course, sub base, compacted soil. The sub-base is the layer that is formed with granular materials and situated above sub-grade generally natural gravel.

It belongs to the compressed soil layer that develops the foundation of the pavement system. Sub-base soils are dependent on lower stresses as compared to the surface, base, and sub-base courses.

As load stresses are reduced with depth, the adjusting subgrade stress generally remains at the top of the subgrade. Different types of materials are used in sub-base layer which range from natural sand, moorum, gravels , crushed stone. It’s thickness is 100–300mm.

The quality of sub-base is very crucial for the entire life of the road and can maintain the life of the surface, that can be scrapped off and once it is verified that the sub-base is still in perfect condition, a new layer is used.

Video Courtesy: vdotweb

How to estimate the material for a reinforcement concrete road