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RCC Underground Water tank Estimate

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In this construction video tutorial, S.L.Khan, the eminent engineer, has briefly narrated the process for figuring out the quantities of different materials in an underground water tank.

A underground water tank is built up with the following construction materials :-

1) Excavation.
2) Concrete work (PCC).
3) RCC work.
4) Dado Work.
5) PVC stop.
6) Stairs.
7) Gauges, pipes and valves etc.

You have to make estimation for excavation, PCC, RCC and steel utilized in RCC work.

In this video, a rectangular water tank is taken. The size of the tank is 500 x 300 x 200 cm or 5 x 3 x 2 meters. The density of RCC slab is taken as 15 cm. The density of RCC wall is taken as 20 cm. The density of PCC is taken as 15 cm. 1% of steel is use for building this tank. The continuer part of the slab is taken as 30 cm.

Based on the above dimensions, the calculation is made.

For Excavation :-
Length = 5.40 (Actual length is 5 meter and the thickness of both side’s RCC walls is added). So, the calculation is done as follow :-
L = 5 + 0.20 + 0.20 = 5.40 m
B = 3 + 0.20 + 0.20 = 3.40 m (same as length)
Now, find out the total excavation depth = internal depth + density of RCC floor + density of PCC work.

So, d = 2m + 0.20m + 0.15 m = 2.35 meters
To find out the quantity of excavation, multiply length, width and depth.
So, 5.40 x 3.40 x 2.35 = 43.15 cubic meters.

To find out the quantities of PCC, RCC and steel, watch the following construction video.

Image Courtest: SL Khan

How to estimate the materials for an underground water tank