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Estimating Sheet

Download Estimates In Building Construction Sample Spreadsheet

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Estimation provides the feasible construction cost of a project. Estimating is prepared at different phases of project duration based on the objective of estimation. Before commencement of the construction, first estimation is prepared in view of creating the budget of the project or bidding the project as a contractor.

There exist different types of estimations which are prepared on the basis of project manual and drawing submitted and for the purpose of employing estimated data.

Estimate comprises of everything which are required for successful completion of the project as well as determining the overhead and contractors profit. To deal with this type of estimate, an estimator requires full set of drawing and instruction manual of the project.

This estimate illustrates necessary materials, labor, stipulated time to finish the project, full cost details and overhead as well as contractor profit. It also comprises of insurance, bond, equipment and other essential things for accomplishing the project successfully.

Estimate is made by measuring the building area and then multiplying area with unit cost defined in advance. After that, cost is modified according to building height, length, width and other essential building elements.

To develop this type of estimate, a simple floor plan with measurement and key elevation of the building are required. This purpose of type of estimation is to verify whether the project is designed within owner’s budget.

Given below, a sample spreadsheet that is known as estimates in building construction. To download the sheet, click on the following link

Download Estimates In Building Construction Sample Spreadsheet