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Estimating Sheet

Some easy-to-follow processes for estimating Civil Construction Quantities

Construction Software

CivilWorks™ smartphone app is a useful tool that can be used to estimate a wide array of civil construction quantities. The following video presented by On-Site Civil Solutions shows the brief demonstration of this construction app.

The users can access this user-friendly & inexpensive construction tool from both the App Store and Google Play store.

The CivilWorks™ contains Area, Volume and Weight calculator which are uncomplicated and simple to use.

The CivilWorks™ Square/Cube calculator works out the area or volume of any specified square or cube, correspondingly. It can also precisely work out the weight of a particular material for ordering and resource management.

  • Just put the length, width and depth measurements and CivilWorks™ will immediately estimate the area (m2) and volume (m3). If necessary, opt for the specific material.
  • A personal database,involving frequently applied materials having density values, is formed with quick and recurring calculations.
  • The exact weight of essential material will be demonstrated. This can be sent through mail to the material supplier or accounts manager to submit an order. It can also be mailed to the manager or supervisor to send updates concerning material orders or requests.

CivilWorks™ smartphone app performs the following functionalities:

  • Calculate precise volumes for boxing out and constructing roads, and trench bedding.
  • Overestimates are completely reduce as least surplus material is ordered.
  • Control complete traceability and liability for material orders.
  • Recording rapid & correct material order invoices.
  • Saving resources for all landscaping applications.

After the completing the area or volume calculation, the result can be emailed to the supervisor for verification, to record project information.

The CivilWorks™ Circle/Cylinder calculator figures out the area or volume of any specified circle or cylinder, correspondingly. It can also correctly find out the weight of a particular material that is required to load your calculated volume. This is useful for precisely calculate the volume of court bowls, post holes and pier holes; reducing excess material ordering.

Besides, the CivilWorks™ Stockpile Calculator computes the volume and weight of material stockpiles. Ideal for clear-cut management of resources, perfect assessment of materials, road construction management and easy stocktake for soil, sand and gravel suppliers.

Finally, the CivilWorks™ Select Trench Backfill calculator can be used to precisely calculate the volume and weight of select trench backfill material for filling trenches around utility lines like water, sewer and drainage. This is perfect for figuring out accurate material to get rid of over-ordering, as well as superior resource management and utilization.

estimating Civil Construction Quantities