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Download excel sheet to compute cement, sand and bricks in brick masonry work

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In this construction article, you will come to know how to work out the quantity of Cement, Sand and Bricks in Excel Sheet for brick masonry work.

Some useful terms in brickwork :-

Bond - The bricks are placed in sequential courses to fasten the brick work jointly both longitudinally and transversely. It is generally designed to make sure that no vertical joint of one course remains correctly over the one in the next course above or underneath it to avoid lapping.

Bed Joint – It stands for the horizontal joint in brick work or masonry.

Closer - Any part of a brick that is applied in building up a wall, to fix the bond next to the end brick of a course.

Coping or weathering – It belongs to the cover that is applied over or the geometrical form provided to a section of structure to allow it to shed rain water.

Corbel - It stands for the extension of one or more course of brick from the face of a wall to act as a support for wall plates.

Cornice - It refers to a projecting ornamental course adjacent to the top of a building or at the intersection of a wall and ceiling.

Course - A horizontal layer of bricks or stones along with bed mortar.

Cross joint - It is a joint excluding a bed joint normal to the wan face.

Efflorescence - Efflorescence on brick masonry stands for a white and occasionally brown green or yellow powdery substance that is found in winter season. It is made of blending soluble salts and water.

Header - A header is a brick that is placed in such a manner that the small end is only visible on the face of the wall.

Pier - A solidified part that develops inherent part of the wall that is arranged at spans along the wan to mainly enhance the stiffness of the wall or to bear a vertical concentrated load.

To get more information download the excel sheet, click on the following link

Download excel sheet to compute cement, sand and bricks in brick masonry work