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FastPIPE is a useful construction program for mechanical estimating

Construction Software

FastPIPE is a high-tech construction program that can simplify the mechanical estimating process for the plumbing and mechanical contractors by estimating the perfect construction costs. This is the first ever construction app that introduces interactive Windows Graphics to optimize the estimating process.

If you want to develop a suspended hanger specification, just choose the components from a list and the graphical display will be modified automatically.

FastPIPE offers the following functionalities: There are an extensive catalog having more than 150,000 items with piping, fittings, valves, flanges, and hangers. Most updated pricing and industry-standard MCAA and PHCC labor estimates for every items in the catalogue to facilitate generating quick and precise estimates.

Characterize custom-made specs and takeoff screens for every individual job.

There are numerous in-built HVAC and plumbing assemblies available to be utilized in a takeoff.

Apply accessible jobs as templates for new jobs. In order to takeoff an item, just choose the size and exact pipe, valve, fitting, flange, hanger, or specialty item.

Takeoffs can be generated directly out of digital plans on the computer screen, minimizing the time and costs of printing and marking paper copies by hand.

Easily compatible with various types of commercial digitizers provided by the vendors like GTCO Calcomp, and many others.

Download labor and material takeoff to a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet for your final bid summary.

The estimates can be assigned with various formats together with standard CSV, ODBC-Compliant, or even custom formats.

FastPIPE is a useful construction program for mechanical estimating