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How useful tips to determine the home building cost per square foot

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Building costs fluctuates with the individual contractor mark-up, geographic location and area labor costs. Costs also differ with material scarcity, like wood for framing trusses.

The features chosen by you, defines your final building costs, but if you consider the basic blueprint details, you can get a general per-square-foot estimate.

Estimate the total square footage of living space with your building blueprints. Include the square feet for all interior rooms under the main roof. Take into account the attic or porches only if utilized as four-season rooms. The footage should not be considered for the garage area or patios.

Define the finishing class and construction quality for your new home. The standard-quality construction employs exterior masonry, shake, tile or architectural-grade shingles, reinforced concrete foundation with a basement or crawl space, and irregular walls and decorative openings. The mid-range class comprises of a concrete or block foundation, some wall-height changes and architectural asphalt shingle roofing. Standard construction contains basic asphalt roof shingles, concrete slab and square interior and exterior walls.

By applying your material list, ascertain the grade for your bathroom finishing and construction materials. In a superior quality construction, there are minimum four plumbing fixtures in each bath, electricity for eight or more built-in appliances and wiring for more than 80 light fixtures in the home. Mid-grade construction highlights three plumbing fixtures per bath, six built-in appliances and recessed lighting. Standard building quality arranges three basic plumbing fixtures, three built-in appliances and 10 or fewer standard light fixtures.

Work out the quality of your windows and doors from your materials list. The highest-class construction contains large multi-pane glass windows, skylights or decorative windows and four or more outside doors. Mid-grade construction allows for a elegant front door, quality exterior doors and minimum one large window having multi-pane glass. Standard construction comes with hardboard doors and vinyl windows.

To define the construction class, evaluate the basic features of the home. Homes which contain specialized heating and cooling features, like solar or geothermal systems, and masonry fireplaces are considered as higher-quality construction. Mid-grade construction contains one prefabricated fireplace and a powerful heating and cooling system. Standard grade comprises of only a basic heating system.

Describe the characteristics of your kitchen out of your building materials list. The superior-class construction employs custom cabinets, high-end appliances with in-built ovens, and finishes with granite or tiles. Mid-grade construction contains high-grade commercial cabinets, quality laminate counters and a freestanding stove. Standard-grade kitchens contain contractor-grade cabinets and inferior-quality laminate, with the homeowner supplying the appliances.

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How useful tips to determine the home building cost per square foot