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Estimating Sheet

Estimating Spreadsheets for Honeycomb Beam & Panel Calculations

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This construction spreadsheet is specially designed for design engineers to size honeycomb panels instantly with least hardwork.

The calculation is performed through easy to follow 5 step methods from 'Home' worksheet.

Honeycomb structures are natural or artificial structures that contains the geometry of a honeycomb to facilitate the reduction of the amount of applied material to attain lowest weight and lowest material cost.

The geometry of honeycomb structures fluctuate extensively but the general feature of all such structures is a slew of hollow cells created among thin vertical walls. The cells are often columnar and hexagonal in shape. A honeycomb shaped structure offers a material with marginal density and comparatively extreme out-of-plane compression properties and out-of-plane shear properties.

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Honeycomb Beam & Panel Calculations
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