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Calculation of house construction cost in excel

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While planning to build up any new house, it is necessary to determine the construction cost of the house in advance so that sufficient funds can be arranged to bear the cost.

The quality of the house to be constructed influences the most part of the cost. As for instance, a marble floor will cost more as compared to cemented floor. Likewise, the quality of wood to be utilized in the windows and doors will also influence the cost significantly.

Generally, the cost of construction is based on the quality of construction required :-

C class: low grade bricks and sand, low-cost cement and steel and fixtures and fittings

B class: medium grade bricks and sand, medium cost cement and steel, medium cost fixtures and fittings

A class: best in class resources

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However, by gathering information for different materials manually and then determining the cost will be very troublesome and unrealistic. To simplify the process, the following excel sheet can be used to work out approximate construction cost of your house.

Just put the relevant heads like item of work, percentage of total work, area of house in sq.ft, requirement of materials, unit of measurement, quantity to calculate the approximate cost of the house.

To download the sheet, click on the following link House Construction Cost Calculator in Excel

Calculation of house construction cost in excel