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How to apply perfect concrete mix design process

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In a Concrete mix design process, the proper components of concrete and their comparative amounts are chosen so that the formed concrete contains necessary potency, workability and durability.

The functionality of the concrete mix design is based on its two characteristics like plastic and hardened state. Plastic concrete mix design is useful for compaction and arranging the concrete whereas the hardened concrete mix design provides potency to the concrete.

This feature of concrete relies on various aspects like quality and quantity of cement, quantity of water and aggregate, batching and mixing, positioning the concrete, compacting, workability and finally curing. However rich mix concrete results in condensing and rupturing on the structure. Concrete works require high investment, so its cost varies according to the cost of material, plant for production and labor.

Constraints of concrete mix design

The constraints liable for selection and portioning of mix ingredients are given below :

  • The least compressive stability obligatory from structuralconsideration.
  • The ample workability required for complete compaction through the accessible compacting equipment.
  • Highest water-cement ratio that provides sufficient strength for the specific site conditions.
  • Highest cement content to get rid of shrinkage cracking that may cause owing to temperature cycle in mass concrete.

Consequences of chemical admixture on concrete proportions: ACI 211.1-91, which was reproached in 2002, describes: “Chemical admixtures, pozzolanic, and other materials are included to concrete mix to modify some properties as well as bring required characteristics. Additives are utilized to impact the workability, reliability, compactness, potency, and endurance of the concrete.”

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How to apply perfect concrete mix design process