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How to calculate cutting length of square stirrups

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In this construction video tutorial, S.L. Khan, the renowned engineer, provides some useful tips which will help the civil engineering students to calculate the cutting length of square stirrup.

The process is briefly described by providing the solution of the following problem :-

Problem : Find out the cutting length of the following square stirrup :-

Length of the one side of the beam is 18 inches
Concrete cover = 2 inches
Hook = @9d, (d means diameter of the stirrup)
Diameter of the stirrup = #3@6” center to center.


Length of the stirrup = perimeter of the square + hook
Perimeter of one side = {18” – 2(2)} (2 times concrete cover for one side & another side)

Perimeter of four sides = 4 x {18” – 2(2)} + 9(3/8”) (length of the stirrup = total cutting length of the stirrup)
Length = 4 x (14) + 3.375
Length = 56 + 3.375

Length = 59.375 inches
To covert it to feet, divide by 12 i.e. 59.375/12 = 4.947 feet.
Therefore, length = 4.947 feet

To get more brief information, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SL Khan

How to calculate cutting length of square stirrups