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How to calculate quantity of steel in truss gusset plates

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In this construction video tutorial, one will be familiar with the detailed method of working out the necessary steel for truss gusset plates.

The purpose of gusset plates is to attach beams and columns collectively or truss members. They are considered as the only way of attaching the beam and columns. They are applied with bolts and welds. So, gusset plates are mostly found in most metal weight bearing structures.

The method is described below :-

1) Compute the total area of gusset plates.
2) Compute the total volume of gusset plates as below.
volume = total gusset plates area x thickness of plate.
3) Compute the weight of plates as follow.
weight of gusset plates = volume of plates x unit weight of steel.

To determine the quantity in the form of area, the following formula is applied :-

Number x Length x Breadth
To determine total plates area, sum up all the quantities.

To find out the total weight, the following formula is used :-

Total weight = volume x unit
Volume = Area x Thickness

To learn the detailed calculation process, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SL Khan

How to calculate quantity of steel in truss gusset plates