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How to create bar bending schedule for column

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In this exclusive civil engineering article, you will gather knowledge on preparing bar bending schedule of column as well as work out the cutting length of column, determining the quantity of steel in column and performing billing work in a structure.

Given below, the details of column cross section :-

1. The depth of footing is 0.30 meter or 300 mm.
2. The diameter of steel used in footing is 12 mm with a span 100 mm center to center.
3. The underground depth of column is 7 meter. (from plinth beam to the pedestal underneath)
4. The depth of beam is 0.3 meter or 300 mm.
5. The height of column or room height is 3 meter. (from top of plinth beam to bottom of roof beam)
6. The depth of roof beam is 0.3 meter.
7. The height of parapet wall is 0.5 meter or 500 mm.
8. In column there are 6 numbers of steel with 12 mm diameter.
9. The size of the column is 200 x 300 mm.

The following formula is used to determine the cutting length of column :-

CL = (Depth of footing – Cover – Main Bar – Distribution Bar) + L Length + Underground Column + Number of beam + Number of floor + Parapet Height + Development Length + Lapping Length – Bend

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Development length – It stands for specific minimum length of the bar necessary on either side of a point of maximum steel stress to transmit the bar force to adjacent concrete through bond devoid of slip in order to stop bar from pulling out against tension.

Lap length – It belongs to the minimum length that should be arranged when two bars are attached together so that forces are transmitted securely.

To get more details on how the calculation is made, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Tutorials Tips

How to create bar bending schedule of column & determine cutting length