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How to determine the weight of M.S. Angle for billing

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It is often required to check bill for fabrication work in construction work. In this construction video tutorial, the renowned engineer Mukesh Shah, briefly shows how to work out the unit weight of M.S. angle for billing.

The angles may come in various dimensions like 20x20x3 mm, 25 x 25 x 3 mm, 25 x 25 x 5 mm, 30x30x3 mm, 40x40x3 mm.

Here, the calculation is made for the angle having size 20x20x3 mm i.e. both sides of the angle are 20 mm and thickness is 3 mm.

The calculation is done for 1 meter.

The parts of the angle are divided as part A and part B.

Now, find out the volume of A i.e. length x breadth x height = 0.02 x 0.003 x 1 m (after converting milli meter to meter).

Then, find out the volume of B i.e. 0.017 x 0.003 x1 m (after deducting thickness of 3 mm from length of 20 mm).

As the angle is made of steel, so find out the density of steel i.e. 7850 kg/m3

Now, find out the weight of the following formula :-

Volume of A + Volume of B) x 7850 = 0.9 kg/m

In this process you can calculate the weight of other angles.

Watch the following video tutorial to get more information.

Video Source: L & T - Learning Technology

How to determine the weight of M.S. Angle for billing